The importance of a website’s Call to Action

Every website needs to have one or more goal behaviors for their visitors. We use Call to Action (CTA) to give visitors a clear and easy path towards satisfying those goals. There are several ways to present a CTA to your visitor: buttons, banners, images, and forms.  The end result of these CTAs can be a newsletter signup, scheduling a meeting, filling out a survey, buying a product, signing up for a membership, downloading a form, contacting you via phone/email/contact form, or simply viewing your portfolio. You don’t need more than 2 main CTAs for your website. You can also allow several entry points into your CTA and monitor which graphics or buttons are more effective by using google analytics. You can also split test entire pages (called split testing or A/B testing) using google experiments to see which layout/content results in higher conversion rate for your CTA. This is best for websites that have established traffic so that you have high number of visitors to run your experiments against. The next time you work on your website ask yourself “What are the goals of this website” and make sure you are creating and measuring your Calls to Action.