The importance of picking up the phone

phoneEvery week I hear the same thing. “The developer I’m working with just won’t return my phone calls/emails. It has been a week. I need to move on.”


What is it about our industry that allows this kind of behavior? How bad have we estimated projects or overextended our resources that we don’t even answer simple emails from clients?


I see this most with one wo(man) shops but you’d be surprised how many larger companies can take 2 days to return a basic email. If you do not have someone dedicated to answering client input then you need to rethink your business strategy. Being heard is a core human requirement for happiness. Unhappy customers will leave you after awhile and possibly leave you a bad review online.


If you are using a personal cell phone for business then get a Google Voice number and give it out to your customers. Have that number forward to your cell phone and make the contact Work Call so that you always know what is coming in for work.


The same goes for email. I know there are studies out there that say you should only check your email a few times a day but if you are in the service industry online you need a dedicated resource that is handling calls/scheduling/admin activities.


My customers love me because I’m the developer that answers the phone. Try it out yourself. (206) 486-5998