• I have a problem with my website, can you help?

    Do you have a WordPress website?

    Then Yes!

    Let us help you give us exactly what we need to be successful. Check out our website support form.

    This saves you money/time and makes our job easier.

  • What is a screenshot? How do I do that?

    We created a 4 minute video tutorial on how to take professional level screenshots.

    Knowing how to provide clear direction on what you want using a screenshot is an invaluable skill.

    Come work with us and we'll show you a no nonsense way to create videos as well. 

  • How much will it cost to fix my website?

    We get this question all the time within 2 minutes of taking to new clients.

    Makes us think of what would happen if that person took their car to a mechanic and asked them for an estimate without letting them a look under the hood. It's pretty awkward.

    We won't tell you how much it costs until we take a look. That is the only way we can be honest with you and that is the only way we do business.

  • How much does it cost to build a website?

    Ask a home builder how much it costs to build a house without showing them a blueprint or discussing the materials to use. Crazy right?

    I want to know your goals, your problems, and your vision. I'm not interested in firing off quotes that I know aren't accurate.

    Let's have a conversation instead. Your business and money is worth the time.

    Or if you want to get right down to it you can fill out your project details and we will start the quote process.

  • Do you offer hosting?

    Sure do!

    $30 a month and it includes the security settings, daily backups in the cloud, and website speed out of the box.

    This isn't in our basement either. We use Flywheel premium hosting.

  • What about my plugins? I heard they need to be updated frequently.

    A WordPress website is like a car. It requires maintenance to run properly.

    70% of WordPress websites that are hacked are due to vulnerabilities in its software. 

    Our Care Package will update your software on a weekly basis for $45 a month.

    Combine our Hosting and Maintenance for a 10% discount. We offer additional discounts for multiple websites and annual plans.

  • If I sign up for a Care Package and there is a problem during an update what do you do?

    For most of our clients this has never happened. Those few times it does is due to using a plugin that was created a long time ago and/or coded improperly. 

    If this happens on the first update after you sign up for our Care Package we will roll back to your latest backup and contact you to get additional time approved to fix.

    For subsequent updates we will spend one hour per month for free troubleshooting and fixing the issue before contacting you for additional time authorization.

    Again, this is rare. 

  • If I host with you and my website gets hacked what then? What if I'm just on the Care Plan?

    If you host with us and your website gets hacked we fix it for free. Period.

    If you are on our Care Package and do not host with us we will fix your website at our hourly rate.