The Client

Dusty Booty Ranch is a group of misfits and adventurers that hold several fundraising and dancing events a year that culminate in a 7 day celebration at the global event Burning Man.


Your Problems Become Our Problems

The Problem

Courtney had to set live a website in six days so that her application for placement at the 2016 Burning Man would stand a better chance. The website’s goal was to show the application committee that Dusty Booty Ranch was serious. As their president said… “we aren’t a bunch of hipsters or frat boys looking for a good excuse to party… we practice the 10 principles of Burning Man in the real world.”

The Result

We delivered a website that captured the spirit of the Dusty Booties on time and on budget. Dusty Booty Ranch was officially placed at burning man on their first try. In 2017, and again in 2018, Burning Man renewed their placement and upgraded their location at the event. In 2018 they were awarded over 30 direct placement tickets for the event. Only 30% of people that want to go to Burning Man can even buy a ticket so this was a real win for them. If you are a burner place come see their three story scaffolding Yo tower on the playa.

“Noah created an amazing website for us in six days to meet our deadline that blew our mind. Six freaking days!”

Courtney Skony - President - Dusty Booty Ranch


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