Seattle Design, Inc

We’re a team of designers, developers, SEO experts, UI testers, and security engineers led by me, Noah Britton, in one of the largest technology hubs of the world.

I am a veteran developer with broad experience spanning 17 years. I pride myself in taking responsibility for everything in my life, whether personal or professional: I crush excuses, fear, and limiting beliefs. In my free time, I travel, practice Spanish, dance to house music, attend personal development workshops, participate in a Seattle men’s advocacy group for social causes, write a blog about slaying fear, and serve as a technical advisor to several Seattle-based charities.

I’ve designed all types of websites and balance a deep understanding of web development, business efficiency, marketing prowess, and technical functionality with robust project management skills. I’m hands-on and responsive, employing video tutorials, screen-share meetings, and next-generation innovative web technology to aid in collaboration.

Let’s start amplifying your business. 

Noah Britton, President